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Moses Ludel: Technical Writer, Photojournalist, Bestselling Author, Live Action Videographer, Video Documentaries, Audio, Voice-over Narrative, Technical Video Filming and Studio Post-Production

There are professional writers, and there are skilled mechanics.  Moses Ludel’s how-to HD videos convey both.  Professional “hands-on” experience and an adult level teaching background enable him to communicate complicated technical concepts in lay terms.  HD video is the optimal medium for instructing.

Mechanical systems, metallurgy, automotive technology and sophisticated engineering concepts each benefit from Moses Ludel’s insightful video staging.  In this complex TIG/GTAW cast iron crack repair, Moses is the weldor, photographer and videographer.

‘Hands-on’ means technical steps and details, presented through photography, editorial copy and video production.  Moses Ludel has mastered each of these mediums, and his video productions and voice-over narrative scripting draw from 35 years of professional experience.  Photo-illustrating articles and authoring seven popular books, Moses Ludel met a wide range of consumer interests, shared history, technical expertise, ‘how-to’ mechanical skills, sensible upgrades and restoration processes. 

Moses Ludel is the author and illustrator of seven in-depth automotive books and technical manuals (Bentley Publishers)—including marketplace bestsellers like the Jeep® Owners Bible.  His books earned vehicle manufacturers’ part numbers from Chrysler/Mopar®, Ford Motor Company (SVO) and G.M. Motorsports. 


Moses Ludel’s work has appeared in dozens of prominent automotive magazines in the United States, Britain and Japan, the Portland Oregonian, San Diego Union and other newspapers.  As an author and photo-illustrator, Moses created the photo illustrations within his seven books—as many as 2,362 photos per book!  For further details on these books visit:  www.bentleypublishers.com

As this Mopar® flyer notes, Moses Ludel hosted the 4×4 consumer workshops at Camp Jeep® for a dozen years.  He has written extensively in the automotive, Jeep® and light truck technical and outdoor travel fields.  Moses is an industry expert at 4×4 truck and utility four-wheel drive vehicles, dirt motorcycles and Harley-Davidson.

In addition to his career as a writer, photographer and videographer, Moses Ludel enjoys an avid off-road, outdoor lifestyle.  His interests include four-wheeling, dirt motorcycling, fly fishing, hunting and paleo anthropology.  At the 1996 Land Rover Trek Event, Moses and Team USA/UK trophied after a vigorous day of competition near Atlanta, Georgia, an abbreviated version of the iconic Camel Trophy.  Teammates were Sue Mead and Nick Dimbleby.

Moses wrote tech columns for OFF-ROAD, Popular Hot Rodding and a variety of other magazines.  He photographed this premiere cover of Jp Magazine along the Rubicon Trail.  Author of more than 3,600 full-length feature articles, Moses Ludel has penned weekly and monthly technical ‘Q & A’ columns and ‘how-to’ magazine pieces that average 2,300 words apiece.  His career body of published work now exceeds 36MB of text plus more than 20,000 accompanying B&W and  color photo-illustrations.

Between 1983 and 1997, Moses Ludel freelanced for a host of magazines.  In the heyday of magazine print media, his technical articles, special interest stories and ‘Q & A’ tech columns were read by more than 1.6-million enthusiasts each month:

  • Argus’ Popular Hot Rodding, OFF-ROAD, Guide to Muscle Cars and Fabulous Mustangs
  • Argus’ Super Street Truck and Super Chevy
  • Dobbs’ Corvette Fever, Jp and Chevy Truck
  • McMullen-Yee’s 4WD & Sport Utility, VW Trends and Truckin’
  • T-L Enterprises’ Trailer Life and Motorhome
  • Babcox’s Automotive Rebuilder
  • San Diego Union newspaper
  • The Portland Oregonian, ‘DriveTime’ section columnist
  • Jeep® News (the official publication of Jeep®/Chrysler)
  • Geo Times  (the official publication of Geo/Chevrolet)

Vocational Instructor—Moses Ludel has years of vocational teaching experience.  Upon graduating from the University of Oregon, in the early ’80s Moses taught at-risk young adults at the San Diego Job Corps facility while his career at journalism unfolded.  In 1999, the principal at the Rite of Passage* Charter High School needed an emergency substitute teacher and asked Moses Ludel if he could substitute briefly in the vocational program.  Moses set aside a busy publishing career and turned a temporary “favor” into a five-year commitment, serving first as the Automotive Technology instructor then the Director of Vocational Training. For two of his five contract years at Rite of Passage, Moses Ludel was also the acting Site Supervisor of Education, a role that included Director of Vocational Training.

Curriculum Development—At Rite of Passage, Moses Ludel developed Welding, Automotive and Industrial Arts curriculum for adult education training.  He taught mechanical skills and welding to hundreds of students, represented Rite of Passage on the Western Nevada College ‘Tech Prep’ Consortium board and served as the school’s administrative member for SkillsUSA VICA. Moses worked closely with the welding program at WNC and facilitated the transition of Rite of Passage graduates to quality industry jobs at welding, automotive mechanics and the building trades.

  *Rite of Passage Silver State Academy is a challenging teaching environment.  The student body is male high school students, primarily from disadvantaged and youth gang backgrounds—tough kids with great potential!  From 1999-2004, Moses Ludel instructed then supervised the welding (GMAW, SMAW, GTAW, FCAW and oxy-acetylene), automotive/diesel mechanics, construction and machine shop programs.  He taught Economics, became the Site Supervisor of Education and Director of Vocational Training, and wrote technical curriculum for students ranging from Special Education ‘IEP’ track to college bound academic achievers.  After five years of work with the program, Moses Ludel received the coveted Rite of Passage ‘Gut Check Award’ for “Service beyond above and beyond…” 

Moses Ludel has consulted to a number of vehicle manufacturers.  He was the host and presenter in the ‘Jeep 101’ Mopar/Jeep® Accessories video,  including script writing and filming at the Chrysler Studios, Troy, Michigan.  The video campaign played at nationwide ‘Jeep®  101’ promotions for dealers, consumers and Jeep®  vehicle owners.  Moses also co-hosted the initial launch of the Toyota Sequoia with John Davis of PBS MotorWeek.  Jackson-Dawson, John Davis and Moses Ludel produced several videos for Toyota North American dealerships’ point-of-sale materials.

As an industry consultant on new 4WD/SUV vehicles and environmentally friendly four-wheel drive use, Moses Ludel’s clients have included Jeep®, Land Rover, Chevrolet/Geo, GMC, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota and Subaru.  Moses and Bill Burke of 4-Wheeling America co-hosted the national 4WD Clinics for the Tread Lightly program.  In the 1990s, Moses Ludel also served as the Media Representative on the Tread Lightly Board of Directors.

Moses Ludel’s 4WD Mechanix© Magazine

Moses Ludel publishes 4WD Mechanix Magazine, the premier online resource for Jeep® 4WD, 4×4 truck and SUV technical information, community news and overland travel.  Visit the magazine website and the 4WD Mechanix Video Network at:  www.4WDmechanix.com!  There are also nearly 300 HD videos at the magazine’s Vimeo Pro website.

For automotive technical questions related to Jeep 4WDs, 4×4 trucks, SUVs or trailering, join the forums at:






HD Video Productions

Leading edge techniques and styles...Since 2010, Moses Ludel has produced over 400 videos, including documentaries, event coverage, 'how-to' videos and corporate training media. Here are some representative examples...

HD Video 'How-to' and Instructional Media

This video highlights the patented technology of Enerpulse Pulstar® spark plugs.  Focus is on the leading edge design, and the delivery informs consumers and technicians.

The best way to reach consumers is to illustrate product value—and the best way to illustrate products is with HD and UHD/4K video!  Product use and installation instructions can be a highly effective asset in this process…  

Here, Moses Ludel instructs technicians and DIY’ers at how to properly remove and install motorcycle sprockets and the chain while highlighting the merits of the replacement products.  Proper tools, safety and quality are the subtle messages.   This level of information provides value and reduces product liability for vendors and manufacturers. 

Installing a complex enduro motorcycle fuel tank can be difficult.  This respected manufacturer missed a vital opportunity and provided consumers with only a single sheet of instructions, basically a line drawing of the parts with no steps or assembly sequences!  In this 1080P/30 HD video, Moses Ludel details a number of safety concerns.  The effectiveness of HD video for step-by-step installation is obvious.  See why well produced how-to or step-by-step video instructions have made printed media obsolete

Corporate Field Service How-to and Educational Classroom Video Training Courses

Moses Ludel has produced hundreds of hands on “how-to” videos for online viewers at 4WD Mechanix Magazine…In-house corporate training and adult education classroom courses can be tailored for your company or school curriculum, including streaming high definition video “how-to”, troubleshooting steps, college shop lab media or remote, distance learning courses!

Rebuilding a power steering gear requires responsibility.  There is only one way to safely reseal or overhaul a Saginaw 800-series gear. This HD video features mixed media, high resolution “motion stills” photographs.  The result is an ultra-sharp 1080P HD video how-to.  Voice-over narrative carries the project to its safe completion—with no steps left out!

Whether your company or technical training program is small or large, video media can provide clear, live troubleshooting steps or an entire distance learning course…Moses Ludel has filmed and produced over two dozen proprietary instructional and simulated field service videos for troubleshooting and field service of multi-million dollar, high-tech equipment.  The leading edge media streams to authorized service providers from the company’s proprietary online library. 

Note:  When Moses Ludel instructed Automotive and Welding Technologies as recently as 1999-2004, the available commercial audio-visual VHS training tapes could put most students to sleep!…By contrast, in today’s online and mobile device culture, traditional print course books and training manuals will likely put students and technicians to sleep!  Moses Ludel foresaw this trend and transitioned to HD video production after three successful decades as a technical photojournalist and automotive book author…Times change!

Corporate Portfolio and Documentary

The most impressive way to showcase your company’s manufacturing capability and leading edge tooling is HD video!  In this documentary tour of Advance Adapters’ plant at Paso Robles, California, the company demonstrates its superior R&D, state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity, product testing and quality control measures.  This is one of seventeen HD videos in a strategically staged, filmed and edited series to promote Advance Adapters.


Advance Adapters’ innovative Atlas transfer case is a rugged design.  In this close-up video, consumers learn the features and advantages that become a call to action:  Upgrade to an Atlas transfer case!



Quality control and advanced R&D lab tools provide leverage for marketing and also increase customer confidence.  Advance Adapters places importance on products that meet or exceed OEM designs.  Here, a visual comparison with a brand-X product proves convincing. The message is clear:  Advance Adapters has the testing and R&D capacity to produce superior products! 

Video Production Work

Launching new products is a critical point in marketing.  In this live coverage of Warn Industries’ Zeon winch launch, key media guests were given their first impression of a new design and its features. Perspective and camera angles, select content and strategic, detailed editing determine the effectiveness of an HD or UHD/4K video new product introduction.

Solving a universal, critical problem includes this upgrade. This insightful video, welcomed by professional motorcycle and automotive technicians and DIY consumers, highlights a specialty product available from Time-Sert®.  This HD video how-to reaches end users who will quickly recognize the product’s superiority and importance.  Providing a solution is the best way to demonstrate a product, and video is the best medium!

Services include video editing of your existing photographic and video media.  In this unique HD video, the machine shop provided still photographs.  These L.A. Sleeve Company photos became the “clips” for an effective, detailed “motion stills” video.  Motion stills videos, created in the video editing process, prove effective in situations where high resolution photography is the available or preferred media.  A career background at professional photography and book illustrating enables Moses Ludel to seamlessly move between still and motion media in the post-production editing process.

Script Writing, Story Boards, Narrative and Permission

Installation videos can influence product purchases. Consumers often review installation instructions before making a purchase.  In this HD video, the installation doubles as a promotion of the winch’s features and functionality.


Moses Ludel’s background as a bestselling technical book author, photo illustrator and classroom instructor is evident in his ‘how-to’ HD video productions.  Shifting from magazine coverage with editorial and captioned photos to impactful and detailed video provides an unparalleled level of detail.  HD video also helps overcome literacy issues and language barriers.  This live walk through of a popular engine conversion for Jeep vehicles focuses on the products and steps needed for emissions legal, professional results.


This three-fold HD video covers technology, installation steps and test results.  The manufacturer benefits from a dramatic display of the products’ benefits while consumers learn about lighting technology.  This concludes with a dramatic, real world illustration of “why” auxiliary lights are an important upgrade.

On Location Audio and Studio Level Voiceover Narrative Recording

Moses Ludel films a wide variety of live action and personality interviews.  Quality audio requires on location and studio sound equipment.  Studio equipment covers both audio and visual editing needs, a combination sound booth and editing room.  Professional mics with boosters, acoustical and ambient sound equipment and studio grade editing with a 49″ 4K/UHD custom monitor produce quality voice-over narrative and high definition frame-to-frame detail.

Often, there is either no time or too much ambient noise for use of live audio equipment.  Sometimes greater clarity is possible with post-production voice over narrative.  In this product installation how-to, a variety of video perspectives, venues and media come into play.  While mostly HD video, there is also some motion still footage in the final cut.  All audio is narrative voice over. 

Post-Production Editing Services

Filmed live with limited access to the plant, this tight documentary style interview and plant tour required post-production editing to bring all elements together.  In this case, the company’s message is delivered by a well informed corporate officer.  Such audio and video recording, if skillfully structured and properly guided, produces effective results.

Live Action Coverage and Video Interviews

Live action video coverage and location interviews can be challenging and require instinctive moves.  Moses Ludel’s career photography background includes live action and motorsports, bridging the gap between still photography and video filming.

The pit garages were buzzing at the 2013 LOORS Wild West Motorsports Park Race when Moses Ludel caught Rob MacCachren and Bryce Menzies in live interviews.  Prepping for an impending race means adrenaline and singular focus.  Moses Ludel’s camcorder lens, a shotgun mic and prompting with the right questions resulted in these spontaneous stories and insights into winning technology!

In this Wheelers for the Wounded live action event on the notorious Rubicon Trail, the journalistic aim was two-fold:  capture the challenges and support the organization’s underlying cause.  There is no better way to depict this kind of action than video!

This was an unusual and gratifying documentary to film.  A public land management agency partners with grassroots user groups to protect an environmentally sensitive area. In this film, Moses Ludel captures the spirit of cooperation and ultimate gains for all parties involved.  Discrete filming, a careful perspective and tight editing tell the story.

Live action filming can be done with minimalist video equipment.  A single track motorcycle ride provides limited room for cameras, and mood is an important element.  A video filmed at the shop/studio may use a full range of jib, crane and slide assets.  

In this off-pavement moto video, the live action requires lightweight, on board equipment. A video drone could provide additional B-roll, though this spur of the moment video footage is strictly  a GoPro ‘Chesty’ perspective in 1080P/30 format!  The rest is post-production editing.

Video, Photo and Audio-Visual Training Courses

While Moses Ludel Video Services has a full range of professional photography and video equipment, Moses always emphasizes that tools are just part of creative talent.  This light-hearted video’s clips came from a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone with 1080P/30 capture and available light!  The rest is post-editing, including audio, timeline work and titling.  If you do in-house video,  Moses Ludel can provide onsite training for your staff regardless of your video gear and post-production equipment!  

Sports, Recreation, Outdoor and Travel Video

At the 2015 Reno RallyVenture Competition, Moses Ludel follows the action from Sparks, Nevada to historical Virginia City—a single-handed, long day’s work!

Moses Ludel has covered Ultra4, VORRA and LOORS off-road racing, Moab’s Area BFE and other motorsport events, plus a long list of live action events.  His run-and-gun video filming skills evolved from more than three decades of professional photography and photojournalism.  Live action means following the scene with accurate panning, zooming, focus and controlled depth of field.

A single GoPro becomes a primary tool, there’s no drone space in the trees, yet the message gets across…In this fun day of single track motorcycling on his Honda XR650R enduro bike, Moses Ludel had little room for “camming”.  

This public service volunteerism deserved attention. Public lands get abused and off-road recreationalists often get wrongly blamed for the damage.  Here, the NFWDA and volunteers from local 4×4 clubs across Western Nevada spend their time, fuel money and a long day making remedy to abused public land in the Pine Nut Range.  This strategic kind of HD video documentary serves the community and can sway public opinion better than any other media!

Photography and Photo-journalism

Writer, illustrator and publisher of over 4,100 magazine and newspaper articles, stories and technical features, Moses Ludel launched 4WD Mechanix Magazine with six monthly issues produced as traditional print media with photo illustrations.  Moses Ludel created and produced all content in the February to July 2010 issues …Click below for PDF downloads.  

Premier Issue of 4WD Mechanix Magazine February 2010


4WD Mechanix Magazine March 2010


4WD Mechanix Magazine April 2010


4WD Mechanix Magazine May 2010


4WD Mechanix Magazine June 2010


4WD Mechanix Magazine July 2010






Streaming Rental 'How-to' Videos

     When technical information requires substance or there are safety concerns, always question those cell phone clips on Facebook or YouTube.  The underlying message could be, “I did this job one time…Watch me for free!”  Savvy consumers expect more.

     Moses Ludel leaves no steps  out in his streaming how-to tutorials.  Professional technicians and serious DIY’ers have learned the value of these HD video narratives with their sharply detailed how-to steps…

These three topics are popular Vimeo On Demand streaming rentals and part of a growing library of technical media from Moses Ludel:




For Jeep® or 4×4 truck technical insights, visit 4WD Mechanix Magazine (www.4WDmechanix.com) or the 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums at forums.4WDmechanix.com.  Detailed how-to HD videos are also available at Vimeo On Demand.

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