Moses Ludel Video Services

Location video and studio filming, post production editing, sound recording, voiceover, scripting, copy writing, photography, documentary, video journalism, video 'how-to' and video training media...

Available Video Services

HD Video 'How-to' and Instruction Media

Audio-visual video training and instructional media is rapidly replacing printed service manuals, instruction sheets, troubleshooting guides and operating manuals. Leading edge companies and corporations know the value of consumer how-to videos and proprietary training videos for their authorized service providers. Product videos provide marketing leverage with today's audio-visual consumers. Step-by-step instructional videos improve field service and customer satisfaction. Technical videos dramatically reduce your company's technical support line calls, hot line messaging, chats and email support!

Video Production Work

At our studio or on location, clients benefit from video wide ranging audio options, camcorder, DSLR and drone footage. A sound recording booth, studio level lighting, jib/crane, slides and suitable backdrops, Moses Ludel's 4K video studio accommodates how-to projects that require step-by-step audio narrative and HD video coverage.

Location Audio and Sound Booth Recording Studio

Field and studio sound recording services include a sound booth with professional grade acoustics and 49" large screen 4K editing equipment. Quality sound reproduction and voice-over narrative recording, dubbing, music and special effects soundtrack and post-editing services. Scripting and voice-over are often part of the video post-production work.

Post-Production Editing Services

Schools, corporations and media agencies often film in-house but lack post-production editing capacity. Whether Moses Ludel does the filming or not, this standalone service can include precision editing, titling, sound backdrop, voice-over and multi-media merging of motion stills photography and your video media. You do the clips and sublet the post-production work!

Sports, Recreation and Travel Videos

Live coverage and behind scenes view of action sports and motorsports. Personalities, travel, food culture and adventure touring documentaries. Health and fitness, outdoor recreational pursuits and healthy lifestyle promotion.

Streaming Rental 'How-to' Videos

Moses Ludel's technical videos defy the internet rule, "Everything is available for free online!" When expertise, clear instructional narrative and ultra-sharp visual aids can make a difference, streaming rental videos reach an audience willing to pay for training.

Classroom, Webinar and Corporate Training Media

Working with Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers and adult education institutions, Moses Ludel has developed mixed-media and video curriculum, technical how-to and corporate field service training. Leading edge production services include narrated, step-by-step high definition and UHD/4K videos. Instructional videos and webinars can be created from the live shop floor or studio work bench with detailed hands-on procedures. Audio-only "screenshot" webinars are incomplete and often dull. Documentary caliber video webinars and streaming media can distinguish your company's products or training programs.

Corporate Portfolio Documentary

On location live coverage of newsworthy stories, special interest documentaries, special events and personalities. Technical processes, how-to and manufacturing documentaries. Marketing and product promotion, corporate history and manufacturing facility portfolios. Promote your services, enhance marketing campaigns and improve your public profile!

Script Writing, Story Boards, Narrative and Permissions

Pre-production work includes script writing and editing, creating story boards, drafting narrative dialogue and finding suitable locations. Additional chores involve organized staging for primary clips and B-roll. There are also details like arranging public land use permits, meeting code requirements, local permit needs plus assistance with post-production copyright.

Live Action Video Coverage

Onsite live action 'run-and-gun' coverage of public and corporate events, trade shows, natural and fill light settings, time-lapse, health and outdoor recreation, motorsports and racing, live news presentations, corporate viewpoint and celebrity interviews. Capturing action sports, natural scene, drone and multi-perspective B-roll.

Photography and Journalism

Still photography for books, instructional manuals, agency level studio and bench top product graphics, motion stills and location or event photojournalism. Available writing services include press release copy, video scripts and editing of brochures, marketing materials and corporate history or personality profiles.

Video and Photography Training Courses

Want to do your own production work? Need to train in-house staff? Tailored onsite and video training courses for schools, corporations and media firms aspiring to professional caliber audio-visual production work. Instruction can include photojournalism, studio backdrop staging and natural light photography or video. How-to with a wide range of video equipment plus training at post-production editing. Learn lighting techniques, voice-over narrating skills and all steps in the critical post-production editing process.

Moses Ludel

Moses Ludel began his media career in the early ‘eighties, writing extensively as a photojournalist.  He is the author of seven Bentley Publishers books, including the bestselling Jeep® Owner’s Bible™.  These heavily illustrated, technically detailed books have earned manufacturers part numbers from Chrysler’s Mopar Performance, Ford Motor Company’s SVO and G.M. Motorsports.

A prolific writer and photographer, Moses Ludel launched the 4WD Mechanix Magazine in early 2010, quickly recognizing the trend toward HD video journalism.  Moving from traditional print and photo media to HD video, Moses Ludel has since produced over 400 videos, ranging from shorts to lengthy how-to and corporate technical training video productions.

       Sought after as a videographer and post production editor, Moses Ludel captures video footage on location or at his well equipped shop/studio.  Advanced editing and sound recording capability serves a client base that includes smaller manufacturers and vendors to Fortune 500 companies, media agencies and public relations firms…Moses Ludel also offers individualized training programs for businesses striving to cost-effectively film and edit their own videos. 

Key Clients

Capstone Turbine Corporation®

Capstone Turbine Corporation® is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of clean-and-green microturbine power generation systems featuring patented, high efficiency air bearing turbine technology.
Seeking a technical photographer and videographer with post-production editing skills and a strong technologies and hands-on mechanical background, Capstone Turbine Corporation® approached Moses Ludel.
Drawing on years as a classroom technologies instructor, adult education curriculum developer and technical book author, Moses Ludel worked closely with highly trained Capstone® staff.  The resulting series of proprietary how-to HD videos provide both troubleshooting solutions and detailed illustrations that transcend language barriers. These videos and the unique “motion stills” photography/videos now serve Capstone® authorized service professionals worldwide.

BFGoodrich® Tires and Michelin N.A.

Since 2012, Moses Ludel has produced a wide variety of HD videos for BFGoodrich® Tires and Jackson Motorsports.  BFG® projects have included live event coverage at Moab’s Area BFE/”BFG”, filming BFG® Performance Team personality interviews at the LOORS Wild West Park Race, event coverage at the Off-Road Expo and live action video from the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari.
Video productions for BFGoodrich® Tires have also included Jeep®, light truck and SUV tire technology, consumer off-road 4WD trail training sessions, how-to details on selecting the right tire types and tread designs for intended use, consumer event coverage, Outstanding Trails Awards presentations, racing action and consumer interest interviews.

Advance Adapters

       Advance Adapters is an industy leader in the automotive /light truck and Jeep® 4×4 gear products market.  Moses Ludel has filmed a variety of Advance Adapters trade show and field use videos plus a hallmark seventeen video series covering the company’s plant facility, close-ups of advanced machine tooling, the R&D program, quality control process and details on the design and proper use of key products.
      Moses Ludel has produced video promotional features for Bestop®, Superwinch®, Weld Mold Company, HTP America/USA Weld, RK Excel America, CTEK, Acerbis, L.A. Sleeve Company, Enerpulse/Pulstar and many other industry manufacturers and vendors.

For Jeep® or 4×4 truck technical insights, visit 4WD Mechanix Magazine (www.4WDmechanix.com) or the 4WD Mechanix ‘Tech and Travel’ Forums at forums.4WDmechanix.com.  Detailed how-to HD videos are also available at Vimeo On Demand. 

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